Vibrating plow VR-20 produced by PrJSC Betonmash
It is used for loading and unloading operations with materials in the frozen state or covered with ice crust (coal, iron ore, sand, gravel, etc.). To increase the longevity, cast-iron hulls and cast plates are used at all sites.
The perturbing force is 20 tons;
Number of pins - 23 pcs;
The diameter of the pins is 70 mm;
The length of the pins is 600, 550, 500 mm.

Two-shaft concrete mixer BP-2G per 1000 liters of ready-mixed concrete.

On the object. [Concrete plant 60 m³/hour]

Concrete plant 60 m³/h with twin-shaft mixer.

Videos about PrJSC Betonmash and our equipment

Principle of operation of a planetary-rotary concrete mixer
Principle of operation of a planetary-rotary concrete mixer using the example of SB-242-10 produced by PJSC "Betonmash".

Mixer for dry building mixtures CMC-1
It is intended for installation in production lines of building materials factories.

Concrete Batching Plant SB-242-10
SB-242-10 - a planetary-rotary countercurrent mixer of forced type. Designed for the preparation of concrete mixtures and mortars, as well as other mixtures in the construction industry, glass, lithium and chemical industries.

Concrete mixing plants SB-241A and SB-241B
The main differences of the 241 series are low metal consumption, compactness, high productivity, reliability in operation and ease of use.

Demonstration of the work of the planetary rotary concrete mixer SB-242-8M.

Demonstration of the work of the planetary rotary concrete mixer SB-242-5K.

SBF-251H non-foundation fast erecting unit
New development of the design department of PJSC "Betonmash".

Production stages on PrJSC Betonmash.

People whose experience and qualification allow creating
complex construction machines will tell about production stages
on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of our plant.

12. History of the establishment of the plant
Since 1941



11. Chairman of the Board
Fleurko Maxim Nikolaevich

10. Commercial Director
Shevtsov Boris Ivanovich

9. Head of the assembly shop
Vasily Viktorovich Kurennoy


8. Head of the machine shop
Shcherbina Alexey Grigorievich

7. The chief of the foundry
Savenko Vladimir Vasilyevich

6. Head of the fabrication shop
Butko Vladimir Nikolaevich


5. Chief of the Production-Dispatch Department
Cheshkovsky Vladimir Petrovich

4. Head of Planning and Economic Department
Prasol Tatyana Vilevna

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